We propose a trip...

Strolling in flip-flops through the streets of Bali, slurping noddles in Kyoto until they look at you funny, burning yourself with a xiao long bao in a skyscraper in Shanghai, letting yourself be seduced by the aromas of the streets of Sichuan….

That’s YÂO, street and rogue cuisine with a touch of country style.

About us

We are Andrea and Carlos. Like many of you, we once had a dream: to bring to Alicante a creative, witty and irreverent sample of the best oriental cuisine with a casual and rebellious touch. Thus arose YÂO Dim Sum Bar, a place where the only rule is to make it special and different.

We are many things at the same time. We are fusion, unsuspected flavors, an experience difficult to classify… A place where the best seasonal ingredients are added to our whims or our desire to break the rules, acquiring a unique flavor that definitely has no equal in Alicante.

The way we select our unbeatable raw material, the care and attention we put in the use of ingredients and the use of all its possibilities and our fusion cuisine in many of our dishes with Mediterranean touches that surely your palate will identify, makes every bite you try in our bar is an explosion of different and unique flavor … Just like life itself!

An unexpected surprise that you won’t taste anywhere else!


Street and rogue cuisine...

With a traditional touch.
We use the best that the sea gives us to put on your table creations that will not only surprise you .... They will make you come back!

Street cooking

Oriental street food is unpretentious, authentic. There are no formalities or protocols, just tasty dishes served with love and dedication. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and each vendor has his own version of the traditional dish.

Walking through the streets of Asia is to enter a world of unknown flavors and smells. It is a unique opportunity to taste fresh and freshly cooked food, to eat with your hands and share the experience with the locals.

YÂO Dim Sum Bar has managed to capture the essence of oriental street cuisine, with its undeniable traditional touch. An invitation to let yourself be seduced by the magic of the aromas and flavors that await you in our restaurant.


We want to whet your appetite

Our specialty is to surprise you, so in our fusion cuisine you will discover wonders that we know you will want to try again and again.

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